Manage People, Plant and Process.

Prestartr integrates with your ERP to capture real-time field data and streamline daily assessments, payroll, and budgeting.


Why use Prestartr?

Collect field data anywhere, on any device.

Tired of dealing with the hassle and inefficiency of paper-based processes on your construction site? Prestartr allows workers to complete dockets, prestarts, timesheets and more directly from their mobile devices, eliminating the need for paper forms and streamlining administrative tasks.

Assess cost codings with a digital site diary.

Empower construction managers to approve timesheets and cost coding directly from the digital site diary. Say goodbye to delays and bottlenecks in the approval process.

Action any issues before they impact your projects.

Instant data enables your team to identify any issues and take corrective action to prevent budget overspends, scheduling clashes, and machine downtime.

Integrate with your ERP and slash admin time.

Prestartr seamlessly integrates with your ERP, ensuring that your data is always up-to-date across all platforms, eliminating data discrepancies and reducing manual data transfers.

Prestartr eliminates paper and streamlines your workflows

Easy Timesheets

Your construction teams don't like completing timesheets. And your office team don't like processing hard-to-read paper timesheets. Eliminate both headaches with a simple, easy-to-use app that streamlines payroll.

Capture Images

Capture crucial images during prestarts like never before. Whether it's documenting site conditions, equipment status, or safety compliance, instantly attach visual evidence to enhance your records.

Digital Site Diary

Effortlessly maintain an always up-to-date digital site diary that reflects real-time progress, approvals, and project milestones. What used to take hours now takes minutes.

Improve Safety

Gain clear insights into safety issues with real-time incident reporting and tracking, fostering a safer work environment. Comprehensive safety records, including images and notes, strengthen compliance and accountability.

Maintenance Requests

Streamline maintenance requests by enabling field teams to report issues directly through the app, minimising delays and improving response times.

Works Offline

Capture prestarts from anywhere, on any mobile, tablet or computer. It even works with no internet connectivity. Available on iOS and Android, Prestartr is quick and easy to use.

Get more done with all your tools in one place

With your other systems connected to Prestartr, you can work faster by switching apps less. Automate everyday workflows so you can spend more time growing your business.

Teams large and small rely on Prestartr

Frequently asked questions

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Our typical implementation starts from 5 days, but can be longer depending on the size of the organisation and work requirements.

We work well with others. We offer an open API so you can connect your in-field data to other software programs such as an ERP.

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